Saturday, November 4, 2006

NYC Punk Rock punk not dead documentar

This clip was entered in for Punk Not Dead Documentary. This video describes some of the history of the New York Punk Rock scene, which keeps going on today. Not to mention Chi point that he makes that Punk Rock was great to listen to when you where younger and including today as well. Now, there are still great bands till today.

Mission Statement

The NYC Punk Rock Evolution Foundation was created to archive the best of early beginnings of Punk Rock and the evolution, destruction, hibernation, and re-emergence of the scene.

We will only cover individuals and bands that truly have made a mark and have left their blood, sweat, and tears on the floors of the clubs they have played.

There's a new emergence of open minded free thinking innovative punk rockers out there today and we will bring them to light along with digging through the archives to enlighten you to the past unsung heroes of punk.

To show our appreciation for superlative punk acts, both past and present, we will be giving out various awards.

Feel free to nominate Best Punk Vocalist, Best Punk Drummer, The Jimi Hendrix of Punk Rock Guitarist, The Frank Zappa of Punk Craziness, The Syd Barrett of Psychedelic Punk, or make up your own honor for an award, submit the idea to us, and we may get real lazy and use it, but don't fucking ever say we ripped you off. There's far too much of that infantile "they stole my ____" bullshit going on.

Feel free to contact us and send us mp3s for review, or links to your videos on YouTube, etc. -- but keep in mind, we are merciless and hold our standards to an exceptional level.

Don't hate us, just realize if we do put you on this site, it'll be because you really have what it takes to evolve Punk Rock to the next level.