Wednesday, December 31, 2008

MDC john wayne was a nazi

MDC Millions of Dead Cops "John Wayne Was a Nazi"

Live San Fransisco 1983

Avengers we are the ones

The Avengers "We Are the Ones"

Legendary '77 San Francisco punk band, Avengers, live at The Knust in Hamburg, Germany, February 2006. With original members, Penelope Houston and Greg Ingraham, and new members Joel Reader and Luis Illades.

HTRK Hate Rock Trio ha

HTRK (Hate Rock Trio) "Ha"

HTRK (Berlin/Melbourne) performing "HA" at the Luminaire, London, 22-Oct-2006. Supporting the Devastations and ...bender

Hate Rock Trio panties

Hate Rock Trio "Panties"

HTRK (Hate Rock Trio) perform Panties live at Magnet Club, Berlin, 20-Dec-06. Supporting Josh T. Pearson & the Devastations.

Screamers the beat goes on

The Screamers "The Beat Goes On"

Screamers vertigo

The Screamers "Vertigo"

Flesheaters the wedding dice

The Flesheaters "The Wedding Dice"

Wall of Voodoo mexican radio

Wall of Voodoo "Mexican Radio"

live on the TUBE 1980s

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hate Rock Trio waltz real slow

The Hate Rock Trio "Waltz Real Slow"

March 2, 2006
Melbourne, Australia


DNA detached

DNA "Detached"

Excerpt from film "Downtown 81".

DNA is:
Guitar: Arto Lindsay
Bass: Tim Wright
Drums: Ikue Mori

Theoretical Girl the hypocrite

Theoretical Girl "The Hypocrite"

Glen Branca solo 1978

Glen Branca "solo 1978"

Live at Jeffrey Lohn's Loft, 33 Grand Street, NYC

June 15, 1978

Sonic Youth kool thing

Sonic Youth "Kool Thing"

Sonic Youth live in Hultsfred, Sweden playing Kool Thing 6-14-02

Kid Congo Powers and the Pink Monkey Birds

Kid Congo Powers and the Pink Monkey Birds "La Historia De Un Amour"

April 8, 2004
Ding Dong Lounge


Kid Congo Powers live at Echo

Kid Congo Powers "live at the Echo"
plus Geneva Jacuzzi

Kid Congo Powers is from the Cramps, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Gun Club, Divine Horsemen, etc.

Rubber (O) Cement live at Silo

Rubber (O) Cement "live at the Silo" 2007

Caroliner Rainbow day of the terrible cocksuns

Caroliner Rainbow "Day of the Terrible Cocksuns"

Crazy art punk genius band from San Fransisco. Music of the 1800s, they claim. Songs usually deal with pioneering, thistle bushes, telepathic cows, and how they stitched up their own band costumes. Radical, albeit thoughtful, weirdness to the nth degree.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Dropkick Murphys the gauntlet

Dropkick Murphys "The Gauntlet"

Elvis Wesley and Pistol Whippers tale of the west

Elvis Wesley and the Pistol Whippers "Tale from the West"

From the YouTube uploader:


Elvis wesley and the Pistol whippers, December of 2007, for a toys for tots benifit show. jesse james on guitar, elvis wesley on bass old drummer on drums, song called "tale from the west".

this band sounds like a barfight, mixture of rancid reverend horton heat and dropkick murphys all thrown in to the same bar with fist flying and boobs poppin beer guzzlin drunk calamity, flippin blow your head of with a shotgun type of music hear hard drivin rock and roll punk rock at its core.

they have played with such bands as three bad jacks, Street Dogs, Cadillac Tramps.


Pylon sloganistic

Pylon "Sloganistic"

Atlanta, Georgia band

Soft Pack bright side

Soft Pack (formerly The Muslims) "Bright Side"

Luxury Pushers little a bomb

Luxury Pushers "Little A-Bomb"

Dumptruck bad day

Dumptruck "Bad Day"

Dream Syndicate days of wine and roses

Dream Syndicate "Days of Wine and Roses"

Three Oclock her heads revolving

The Three O'clock "Her Head's Revolving"

Plasticland processes of the silverness

Plasticland "Processes of the Silverness"

Anti Nowhere League streets of london

Anti Nowhere League "Streets of London"

Transplants dj dj

Transplants "DJ DJ"

Heartattacks you ought to know by now

The Heartattacks "You Ought to Know By Now"

US Bombs skater dater

US Bombs "Skater Dater"

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Clean beatnik

The Clean "Beatnik"

Peter Ivers alpha centauri

Peter Ivers "Alpha Centauri"

From 1974's Terminal Love. This video was done after his death for the promotion of the 1985 compilation Nirvana Peter.

Plugz in the wait

The Plugz "In the Wait"

Weirdos helium bar

The Weirdos "Helium Bar"

Pavement stereo

Pavement "Stereo"

"What about the voice of Geddy Lee [lead singer of Rush]? How did his voice get so high? I wonder if he speakks like an ordinary guy?"

Pavement "Brighten The Corners" CD, from which this song was pulled, has been re-mastered and re-issued with a bonus CD. Long live LoFi Post-Punk!

Elastica connection

Elastica "Connection"

Friday, December 26, 2008

Peter Ivers slap the ginkels

Peter Ivers "Slap the Ginkels"

Night Flight's main pitchman of punk, Peter Ivers was the host of "New Wave Theater" which aired from 1981 - 1983. He also had an early 70s band called Peter Ivers Peter Ivers.

Here's a classic example of Peter's improvisational genius with his rant to wake up Morty Ginkel.

UPDATE: Since there are those who have a bit of trouble working out exactly what Ivers is saying, here's a transcript:

It's of barnyard importance that Ginkels recognize that they've gotta learn to behave or we'll never get to Humanity Central... And the radium void'll be with us for a long time to come.

Our techno-bent Aurthur Godfrey state leaves no room for transfusions and, once again, it's up to the seers to slap the Ginkels through awareness. We know it looks hopeless, but it's us together, and you alone, who'll effect the changes we need. The Controllers don't have the reason or awareness to change... And Art's alarm clock role has been buried in museum-land.

So new music makes noise and it IS! But remember, it's what YOU'RE doing, it's what it's all saying to YOU. The message is, "Morty Ginkel, wake up or it's glow in the dark time... yesterday.

New music is get-up-and-die, and death is tomorrow's beginning.


Terminals uncoffined

Terminals "Uncoffined"

Blackout Shoppers double breakdown

Blackout Shoppers "double breakdown"
at Skybar, Boston, MA USA 2007

Wire three girl rhumba

Wire "Three Girl Rhumba"

Thursday, December 25, 2008

All Punk 4 U portable jukebox 2

Here's your second Christmas present: the "All Punk 4 U" portable digital jukebox from our pals at Get the code and you can paste this jukebox in any MySpace, blog, or website. You must add the closing embed tag right before the BR code in about the middle of the HTML. Be sure to click on "No" autoplay and "No" random shuffle..........This is the BURNING punk jukebox!!!!

Portable Punk Jukebox 1

Here's our Christmas gift to you all. You can copy the code for this portable digital jukebox, from our pals at, and paste it in your MySpace, blog, or website.

Be sure to click "No auto-play" (no good, especially for a video blog like this) and "No" to random shuffle. I also found that you have to add the closing embed HTML code to the code generated by Playlist, insert it right before BR.

Joey Ramone merry Christmas

Joey Ramone "Merry Christmas, I Don't Want To Fight Tonight"

Joey Ramone - Merry Christmas I Don't Want To Fight Tonight With You - 2000-12-11 - Last Show Ever

Ramones merry Christmas baby

Ramones "Merry Christmas Baby"

Probably the ultimate punk Christmas song? What's your wanker opinion?

Green Day jingle bells

Green Day "Jingle Bells"

On Jimmy Kimmel show.

Ravers punk rock Christmas

The Ravers "Punk Rock Christmas"


black sabbath
Its gonna to be
a punk rock christmas this year,
even santas gonna be
a sex pistol for a day
all those christmas trees swinging safety pins from their leaves

its gonna be
a punk rock christmas this year

there are 4 singers changing their styles for a day,
and the queen will sing
anarchy in the UK
and old Mick Jagger will look daft -
strangle a swagger
yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh baby

Rick Wakeman will take up the electric guitar, ha
and Johnny Ramone will get a sled for a car,
theres a group called The Damned, they say
who play the four mournsmen in a play, in a play, in A PLAY!!

its gonna be, haha
a punk rock christmas this year
even santas gonna be
a sex pistol for a day
all those christmas trees swinging safety pins from their leaves

its gonna be
a punk rock christmas this year

(santa and sid having on a conversation about what he wants for christmas)

we're gonna give ya
a punk rock christmas this year
and im gonna give you
a nice sweater all ripped to shreads,
get mum and dad a sheet
get some safety pins for their cheeks
its gonna be
a punk rock christmas this year
a punk rock christmas this year
a punk rock christmas this year
a punk rock christmas this year
you know you love me like you do (punk rock christmas this year)
Whole country's going to the dogs (punk rock christmas this year)
only thing that's left (punk rock christmas this year)
Yeh, a punk rock, rock an roll(punk rock christmas this year)

Sex Pistols jingle bells

Sex Pistols "Jingle Bells"

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nocturnal Emissions do it

Nocturnal Emissions "Do It" 1999

Live at MS Stubnitz, anchored in Rostock, Germany, May 1999. Nigel Ayers rocks with the psychedelic classic "Do It". Video by the Stubnitz crew.

Soft Cell and Foetus ghost rider

Soft Cell & Foetus "Ghost Rider"

A cover song, originally by Suicide (Alan Vega, Martin Rev).

Nocturnal Emissions bleeding images 1982

Nocturnal Emissions "from Bleeding Images"

From the video "Bleeding Images" comes this 1982 clip of Nocturnal Emissions in the Emission Control studio in South London. NE are represented here by Nigel Ayers and Caroline K. John Allen is behind the camera.

Avengers the american in me

The Avengers "The American in Me"

The Muslims my flash on you

The Muslims "My Flash on You"

PUNKCAST 1369-01 The Muslims, from San Diego CA, cover Love at Cake Shop NYC on Jun 13 2008. The song is the flip-side of the band's latest 7" on Sweet Tooth Records.

Siouxsie and the Banshees hong kong garden

Siouxsie and the Banshees "Hong Kong Garden"
live on Revolver 1978

Rich Kids 12 miles high

Rich Kids "12 Miles High"

rich kids on revolver in 1978 , performing "12 Miles High". Vocal by Steve New. Features Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols.

Rich Kids marching men

Rich Kids "Marching Men"

Love my little red book

Love "My Little Red Book"

Arthur Lee and Love 7 and 7 is

Arthur Lee & Love "7 and 7 Is"

Arthur Lee & Love Live at Glastonbury 2003.

From Wikipedia:


Love's music has been described as a mixture of folk-rock, psychedelic rock, baroque pop, Spanish-tinged pop, R&B, garage rock, and even protopunk, although actually, the term psychedelic isn't really the right term to describe most of the major contemporary Los Angeles bands at that time (The Doors, Love, The Byrds).

Though Lee's vocals have garnered some comparisons to Johnny Mathis, his lyrics often dwell on matters dark and vexing, but often with a wry humor. The group's cover of the Burt Bacharach/Hal David composition "My Little Red Book" (first recorded by Manfred Mann for the soundtrack of What's New, Pussycat?) received a thumbs-down from Bacharach: Love had altered the former Marlene Dietrich bandleader's chord changes.

Nonetheless, the record was a Southern California hit and won Lee and Love a spot on American Bandstand.

Love released three albums with core members Lee, Echols (lead guitar, vocals), Bryan MacLean (guitar, vocals) and Ken Forssi (bass). The drum chair revolved between Alban "Snoopy" Pfisterer (Love, "Seven & Seven Is") and Michael Stuart (Da Capo excepting "Seven & Seven Is", Forever Changes).

However, it has been reported that Pfisterer found the demanding drum parts on "Seven & Seven Is" so exhausting that he and Arthur alternated takes, with Lee himself drumming on every other take.[citation needed] On Da Capo, Tjay Cantrelli was added on saxophone and flute while Pfisterer was moved to organ and harpsichord. Both were out of the group by the time Forever Changes was recorded.

Love (1966) included their cover of "My Little Red Book". Side two of Da Capo (1967) featured just one song — "Revelation", criticised by some as a weary jam. The first side, however, contained six individual songs, including their only single to achieve any success in the Billboard Top 40 chart: "Seven & Seven Is". Forever Changes (1967) followed, the album a centerpiece of the group's psychedelic-tinged sound, bolstered by the arrangements of David Angel.

Forever Changes is regarded by critics and fans alike as Love's finest recording, and one of the best records of the '60s. Despite this acclaim, the LP sold poorly in its time, although it reached the top 30 in the UK. Nonetheless, its cult status grew.


Tall Dwarfs brain that wouldn't die

Tall Dwarfs "Brain That Wouldn't Die"

The Tall Dwarfs hail from New Zealand and consist of Chris Knox and Alec Bathgate.

This is their "home made" video clip for the song 'The Brain That Wouldn't Die' from their 1984 EP 'Slugbuckethairybreathmonster'.

They're masters of low tech music recording on a 4 track tape recorder in their homes, often utilizing whatever comes to hand as an instrument. They also create all their own CD artwork and make their own videos.

Chris Knox toy love 1979

Chris Knox "Toy Love" 1979

Gordons adults and children

The Gordons "Adults and Children"

Classic Video from New Zealand band The Gordons. They are still creating and playing music in New York as Bailter Space - you can see more of their videos at

Note - this is from official Flying Nun DVD

This Kind of Punishment immigration song

This Kind of Punishment "Immigration Song"

This Kind of Punishment were primarily Peter and Graeme Jefferies (of Nocturnal Projections). Immigration Song is from their album "In the same Room".

Monday, December 22, 2008

Cui Jian village attacks the city

Cui Jian "Village Attacks the City" live at Joe's Pub, NYC

A Chinese punk, funk, and avant-garde rock band.

Cui Jian french embassy show 1997

Cui Jian - French Embassy show 1997 Beijing

Cui Jian was banned from playing live shows, but the French Embassy and other diplomatic places would allow him to play since an embassy is not considered China but rather property of that particular country. Great Loophole, Great Show!!

Brain Failure rebel for freedom

Brain Failure "Rebel for Freedom"

A Chinese punk band. Please support our brothers and sisters in punk rock China, sometimes deeply underground!

Filmed at CD Cafe in 2001. This was a Brain Failure original song from 1998 that everyone still knew, one of BF better anthem songs in Chinese.

Chinese Punk Rock report

Chinese punk band Underbaby "All the Same"

From the Washington Post (Aug. 9, 2006) "Punks and Posers in China" by Maureen Fan.


For Chinese punks today, it might take screaming to be heard. They make up a small slice of the music industry here, and they play to a largely underground scene. But their struggle to gain attention provides a glimpse of what it's like to be a rebel in a country that suppresses dissent and individuality, and an artist in a culture that worships money and Western fads.

"Most bands are into punk because it's fashionable. They are more like copy bands, cover bands that copy the lifestyle. Punk rock should be more dangerous, more deep. You should establish your own style," said Yang, the lead singer of P.K. 14, which has a sizable following and performed Saturday night at a bar in Beijing's Wudaokou district.

"We want to be a dangerous band, like Fugazi or The Clash or Bob Dylan. Woody Guthrie's folk music influenced me a lot," Yang said. "But because the government doesn't care about us, we are not forbidden from playing. Maybe we are not dangerous. It's sad."

In the West, punk rock is about annoying your parents and confronting the establishment at every turn. In theory, it's the same in China.

Punks here believe they can say whatever they want. They are pierced and sullen, with spiderweb tattoos on their elbows and cheap dye in their hair. Band slogans include "No future" and "Revolution for your life." Their lyrics urge fans to "never forget the lessons from Orwell" and to fight the police "until dead."

But in China, bands can't publicly turn the national anthem into a rock statement, as Jimi Hendrix did at Woodstock.

Artists can't publish anti-government songs in Chinese. Just last month, the Culture Ministry announced a plan to help prevent the spread in karaoke bars of "unhealthy or obscene" music, or songs that have inappropriate sexual or political content.

As a result of these limitations, would-be anarchists in China have to be flexible. Chinese punks may admire Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols, but their methods are different.

One popular band sings sarcastically about its destructive need for Zhongnanhai cigarettes, a brand that happens to share its name with the residential compound for China's top leaders. Another band sings about "the square of hopelessness," without ever mentioning Tiananmen.


The obstacles to China's music, filmmaking and painting are not always from government censors. China's pressure-cooker university system has been criticized for destroying creativity and preparing students only for exams. Much of the most interesting art is found underground. Often, it is society that is unsupportive.

"If a filmmaker shows the dark side of society, for example, homosexual life, even if the government doesn't stop you, people will not come out to see the film," Lu said. "If you are a singer and you have your own style of music and only five people come to see you, can you survive?"


Cocktail 78 live, a Chinese punk band (1997)

Skeletal Family lost in paradise

Skeletal Family "Lost in Paradise"

X Mal Deutschland orient

X Mal Deutschland "Orient"

Wire eardrum buzz

Wire "Eardrum Buzz"

Wire in the art of stopping

Wire "In the Art of Stopping"

Fugazi waiting room

Fugazi "Waiting Room" live in St. Louis, Missouri 1988

The Boys weekend

The Boys "Weekend"

Rage Against the Machine testify

Rage Against the Machine "Testify"

Saturday, December 20, 2008

punk purists are pukes

"Punk is guitar and drums only. No electronics, organs, or any other instruments."

"Punk is the Ramones and the Sex Pistols and similar music ONLY."

"Punk rock cannot have any individual virtuoso performances."

"Punk never includes influences from any other type of music."

"Punk rock must be distributed on vinyl records ONLY, never on CD."

Retarded opinions abound!

Have you ever heard any of this lame ass shit? Well, if you have attitudes like these, you won't like this blog, and we don't care. To limit punk rock to a simple restricted formula, that's easy for you to imitate, is a dumb way to be. People who restrict punk to their personal tastes is a sign that they don't get out much, and have little historical insight.

Who was the first punk band?

If you say The Ramones or the Sex Pistols, I'm sorry, but you're wrong. Before them, there were the Fugs, the MC5, the Runaways, the Plastercasters, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, and Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention. To name just a few early pioneers.

New York City has always been proud of local band Suicide, the team of Alan Vega and Martin Rev, who had a synthesizer-based minimalist sound with rockabilly styled shouting and whooping.

A better definition of punk rock might be "anti-rock star, anti-authoritarian raw and real music." We don't think it necessarily has to be simple, amateur, or lazy music. Perhaps you can tweak our definition. We'd love to hear how you define "Punk".

When you try to limit a genre of music to a few "rules" that match your personal taste and abilities, you make a fool of yourself and show how shallow your understanding is. Punk songs often proclaim the virtues of anarchy. You can't be anarchy, then turn around and impose silly childish rules on punk rock.

We see "punk" attitudes and creativity in Frank Zappa and Andy Warhol, Joan Jett and Saturday Night Live, Woody Guthrie and Martin Luther King, Jr., William Gibson and Clint Eastwood.

"Punk" can be applied to anything that rebels against tradition, racism, fascism, conformity, commercialism, sexism, imitation, leadership, and hierarchy.

Several years ago I was in an underground record store having a discussion with some younger punk rockers. I mentioned how I had recently listened to a Canadian radio station that played hours of French punk rock. Most of the French punk bands made liberal use of Farfisa organs and synthesizers, without being technically "new wave" or "pop punk".

The young guys were in strong opposition to this idea.

"Punk is drums and guitar only, " they declared. "No electronics. No organs."

I asked "Do you plug your guitar into an amplifier?"

"Yeah, of course," they replied.

"Then you make electronic music," I chortled triumphantly. "Your amplifier is electronically altering the so-called pure guitar sounds."

I understand the wish to keep a genre of music as authentic as possible.

That's why we at the NYC Punk Rock Evolution Foundation refuse to post any Pop Punk and very little New Wave/Punk. We don't like "mall punk" or "emo grunge". You know exactly what bands we have in mind.

But if someone wants to include Mall Punk, Pop Punk, New Wave Punk, Emo Grunge, or Nu-Metal in their definition of punk, that's fine with us. They can start their own foundation and blog to advance their aesthetic theories and we wish them luck. It's just not our cup of green tea.

The NYC Punk Rock Evolution Foundation is devoted to showing fans the different paths and tangents taken by punk pioneers and current innovators, while honoring the classic punk bands. Sometimes the line is blurry between punk and speedcore, punk and goth, punk and jazz, even punk and folk.

Punk rock shares much with protest folk music, acid jazz, psychedelic garage bands, and even avant garde classical music, as such bands as Godspeed You Black Emperor and A Silver Mt. Zion have shown us. In those two bands, the music is a blend of orchestral and rock, but the singing and lyrics and politics are more punk-influenced.

So let's hear your thoughts on this matter.

While you're mulling it over in your mullet head, check out this great quote from the Artnoise blog, from a review of Present "A Great Inhumane Adventure" CD.


Ok, let’s get things straight here. I am a punk rocker. I like challenging music.

These things should not be mutually exclusive in the slightest and yet—after decades of punk commercialization, homogenization, and generalized petrifaction—the common understanding of what punk is has narrowed to the point that any substantial experimentation or reimagination of the oeuvre’s stylistic tropes has become tantamount to treason: punishable by exclusion from the proper scene and reclassification into other more sophisticated/trendy genres.

One of the great tragedies of underground music in the past thirty years has been the reduction of punk rock to a handful of anti-pop musical traditions specific to the mid-to-late 70s and early 80s; the popularity of this slander has brought about punk’s effective death as a living, dangerous artistic medium.

In terms of punk, this mess has brought about stagnation, increased irrelevancy, and eventually even perversion into the horrifyingly radio-friendly faux-punk schlock currently belted out over MTV2 and its various corporate affiliates.

In terms of my life, this has simply meant that in seeking out sounds that push against formal boundaries I’ve been forced to explore an ever-increasing amount of acts whose musical leanings place them outside the spectrum of my beloved punk upbringing.

Sometimes this exploration turns out to be immediately rewarding—yielding up a new musical front in the battle for the perpetual deconstruction and debasement of rock and roll—while other times I’m left with pieces that completely go against my preconceptions of what music can and should be about.


Queer Junglists gerbils

Queer Junglists (aka The Gay Silhouettes aka Vegan Abortion) "Gerbils"

The Fall reformation

The Fall "Reformation"

Altar Boys i'm into God

Altar Boys "I'm Into God"

Jawbreaker jinx removing

Jawbreaker "Jinx Removing and Ashtray Monument"

Cro Mags crush the demoniac

Cro Mags "Crush the Demoniac"

Sisters of Mercy lucretia my reflection

Sisters of Mercy "Lucretia My Reflection"

Test Dept total state machine

Test Dept "Total State Machine"

Test Dept compulsion

Test Dept. "Compulsion"

Cabaret Voltaire seconds too late

Cabaret Voltaire "Seconds Too Late"

Queers tamaras a punk

The Queers "Tamara's a Punk"

Icarus Line up against the wall

Icarus Line "Up Against the Wall"

Afghan Wigs going to town

Afghan Wigs "Going to Town"

Mindless Self Indulgence straight to video

Mindless Self Indulgence "Straight to Video"

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Vegan Abortion 92nd song

Vegan Abortion "The 92nd Song"

ARTIST remarks on YouTube:

"This isn´t my masterpiece.

The 92nd Song is a short animation created by Gay Siilhouettes, an artistic partnership consisting of Tasha Hollywood and Steven Does.

The music, lyrics, script and vocals by Steven Does. Directed by Tasha Hollywood and Steven Does. Animation by Tasha Hollywood.

The Gay Silhouettes is one of several band names we perform under; our flagship band being Vegan Abortion. All animated and live-action shorts produced will be tied to the music we perform.

This current offering is an animated tale of a chap who begins each day disillusioned with his lot, who ends up, on this particular day, losing half of his world, following brain damage; a disorder known as anosognosia, which is actually a loss of awareness of the left side of one's world, following a lesion to the right side of the brain, leading to a global impact on the victim's life."

Alan Vega american dreamer

Alan Vega "American Dreamer" 1983

Tuxedo Moon desire

Tuxedo Moon "Desire"

David Bowie queen bitch

David Bowie "Queen Bitch"

David Bowie oh you pretty things

David Bowie "Oh You Pretty Things" 1972

Last Lights dream homes of insomniacs

Last Lights "Dream Homes of Insomniacs"

Blackout Shoppers you're insane

Blackout Shoppers "You're Insane"

Continental 9/10/2006

False Prophets marat sade

False Prophets "Marat/Sade"

Opening the set with "Marat/Sade" and "Never Again, Again" at the 1988 Refuse and Resist concert at Palladium in NYC. Also on the bill, Sinead O'Connor, Soul Asylum, MC Lyte... Lineup: Stephan Ielpi (vox), Debra Adele & Steven Taylor (guitars), Heather Hardy (violin & Keyboard), Anthony Sepulveda (bass), Tom Hamilton (drums)

Pere Ubu waiting for Mary

Pere Ubu "Waiting For Mary"

Pere Ubu on "Night Music". An old late-night music/talk show hosted by David Sanborn. They are joined by Sanborn, and Blondie's Debbie Harry!

World War IX intervention

World War IX "Intervention" live @ the Meatlocker

No Place To Piss live in nyc

No Place To Piss live in nyc

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Theater of Hate do you believe in the westworld

Theatre of Hate "Do You Believe in the Westworld?"

joesoap2006 says on YouTube:

"I love John Peel introducing this song. Makes me feel quite old.I remember on his radio show at the time, John being really worried about his first TOTP's hosting session. He made a cock up or something back in 1968 and couldn't remember the name of the artist about to play and the camera stayed on him and in the end moved onto the band. It also feels so long ago when he states he'll be back on TOTP's in 14 years time in 1996. I remember one of the last things he said on his show before he went off air the night before TOTP's he was he was off for a sleepless night! He spent all that week before trying to think of witty things to say to introduce the artists."

The Gun Club fire spirit

The Gun Club "Fire Spirit"

The Gun Club jack on fire

The Gun Club "Jack on Fire"

Grinderman electric alice

Grinderman "Electric Alice"

NICK CAVE: vocals, electric guitar, organ, piano
WARREN ELLIS: electric bouzouki, Fendocaster, violin, viola, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
MARTYN CASEY: bass, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
JIM SCLAVUNOS: drums, percussion, backing vocals

In February 2006, the four musicians that are Grinderman booked themselves into London’s Metropolis Studios for a five-day marathon of non-stop demo sessions, resulting in several hours of raw material. In April 2006, Grinderman entered RAK studios, London, for a week with producer Nick Launay. They re-worked the raw material into thirteen songs, returning to Metropolis in October to mix them.

"While everything is quiet and easy
Mr. Grinder can have his way..."

-- Memphis Slim, 1941

Liars plaster casts of everything

The Liars "Plaster Casts of Everything"

Video for "Plaster Casts Of Everything" by Liars, taken from the album 'Liars'. Directed by Patrick Daughters.

Alternative TV love lies limp

Alternative TV "Love Lies Limp"

Punkcast 2003

Nina Hagen ziggy stardust

Nina Hagen "Ziggy Stardust" 1980

Pennywise society

Pennywise "Society"

The Gun Club my dreams

The Gun Club "My Dreams" live on German TV 1984

The classic lineup of the Gun Club with Patricia & Kid Congo from 1984 on the German show Music Konvoy. My Dreams is from the "Las Vegas Story" CD, which should be in every record collection on the planet.

Sisters of Mercy vision thing

Sisters of Mercy "Vision Thing"

Minutemen little man with a gun in his hand

The Minutemen "Little Man with a Gun in His Hand"

TSOL live at CBGBs

TSOL live at CBGBs

R Stevie Moore state of affairs

R. Stevie Moore "State of Affairs" 1981

Video by Nuno Monteiro, 2006. Filmed home and at WFMU old studio NJ 1988/89 (feat. Krys O. and Jim Price (WFMU))

"For decades Moore's varied styles have traversed countless musical forms, making his daring releases similar to eclectic free-form radio shows. Adventurous listeners around the world continue to privately sing his praises, admiring and supporting not only his deep talent for consistent originality but also his unique and steadfast independent modus operandi." - Wikipedia

Unsung Father of Lo-Fi and Music Genius, R. Stevie Moore - "State of Affairs" from Column 88 (1981).

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Radioactive Prostitute june 17 2004

Radioactive Prostitute "June 17, 2004"

Radioactive Prostitute rare performance with a drummer in tow. Welcome Tom Magro, ladies and gentlemen!

Video features clips of: Geert / RP intro / Europe Scene / Walk Under Water / DMH / RP outro

Metal Urbain panik

Metal Urbain "Panik"

A first era French punk band.

John Cale perfect

John Cale "Perfect"

Kas Product never come back

Kas Product "Never Come Back" 1982

Mutants message to the world

Mutants "Message to the World"

The Mutants performing Message To The World at the Fillmore Auditorium, FAB MAB Class Reunion, April 8, 2006.

Video and Photography by Cinthea Fiss

Planet Gong stoned innocent Frankenstein

Planet Gong "Stoned Innocent Frankenstein" 1977

Music from the album 'Floating Anarchy' (1977)
Footage from the Here & Now video
Floating Free! Live Southampton Uni '78
Intro from a clip by pauloadrian..

T Rex children of the revolution

T Rex "Children of the Revolution"

Sparks balls

Sparks "Balls"