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Band of Susans now is now

Band of Susans "Now is Now"

"Now is Now" song from Band of Susans' The Word and the Flesh album, Restless Records, 1991. (Permissions: This Distortiontruth account is the official Youtube account for Band of Susans.)

Free Blood the royal family

Free Blood "The Royal Family"

First official video from NYC's Free Blood avant garde band.

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Metalux at Congress Theater

Metalux at Congress Theater

m.v. carbon, j. graf, twig harper perform at the congress theater, chicago, IL

Metalux live in Missouri 2005

Metalux with m.v. carbon and JHenny Graf in Missoula, Montana -- Summer 2005

Lightning Bolt live in indonesia

Lightning Bolt "Live in Indonesia"

Lightning Bolt 13 monsters

Lightning Bolt "13 Monsters"

Josef K chance meeting

Josef K "Chance Meeting"

Fire Engines get up and use me

Fire Engines "Get Up and Use Me" (1980?)

Algebra Suicide boys in bed

Algebra Suicide "boys in bed"

This wasn't trying to "be music", but was simply avant garde poetry with musical background accompaniment. She was a beautiful genius, lads! Think of Patti Smith with a saucier smile.

A poetry-music duo from Chicago that were together from 1983 to 1993. From Trouser Press [Ira Robbins] -

Of the many vocalist/instrumentalist duos to emerge in and around the new wave, this Chicago team was quite unique, a fascinating marriage of Don Hedeker's music and Lydia Tomkiw's poetry.

Over the course of its career, Algebra Suicide flirted with pop forms and occasionally shared stylistic ground with both Laurie Anderson and the Velvet Underground but never wavered from its own individual path.

THE CARS hello again Andy Warhol mix

The Cars "Hello Again" (1984)

Banned from MTV. Directed by Andy Warhol.

The music's not really "punk", more new wave disco sludge, but the director and the attitude is pure punk rebellion.

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