Monday, February 23, 2009

Crumbum People headfirst and dripping

Crumbum People "Headfirst and Dripping"

Celibate Rifles bill bonney regrets

Celibate Rifles "Bill Bonney Regrets"

Digital Poodle work terminal

Digital Poodle "Work Terminal"

This is the classic EBM / proto-rave monster club hit by legendary Canadian Industrial Music group DIGITAL POODLE. This video was shot and edited on super 8 mm film by DION CONFLICT in 1992, but the track was originally recorded in 1991 for the CFNY-FM compilation CD "Modern Rock".

The track was also issued on Poodle's debut 1991 CD "Soul Crush", and later re-released in '92 with Oli Rosche's Hypnobeat/DOVe Germany imprint on the "Work Terminal" remix CD.

Vulvax live at heerlerkwark

Vulvax live at heerlerkwark 05/2007

live at heerlerkwark 05/07
camera by: willem
edit by: +

Budgie i aint no mountain

Budgie "I Ain't No Mountain"

Technically this is not punk, but hard rock of the 1970s. But the lyrics are defiant and Budgie paved the way for the next phase of music, which is punk rock.

Raveonettes love in a trashcan

the Raveonettes "Love in a Trashcan"

Beautiful Bert bb slags

Dropkick Murphys I'm shipping up to Boston