Monday, December 29, 2008

Elvis Wesley and Pistol Whippers tale of the west

Elvis Wesley and the Pistol Whippers "Tale from the West"

From the YouTube uploader:


Elvis wesley and the Pistol whippers, December of 2007, for a toys for tots benifit show. jesse james on guitar, elvis wesley on bass old drummer on drums, song called "tale from the west".

this band sounds like a barfight, mixture of rancid reverend horton heat and dropkick murphys all thrown in to the same bar with fist flying and boobs poppin beer guzzlin drunk calamity, flippin blow your head of with a shotgun type of music hear hard drivin rock and roll punk rock at its core.

they have played with such bands as three bad jacks, Street Dogs, Cadillac Tramps.


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